King Arthur Pendragon, Dragons of Britain

Recently, I have began playing a Play-by-Forum game of King Arthur Pendragon. This is by far, one of my favorite games and game systems to date. I have been playing of system off and on for nearly 20 years. Taking up the player reigns once again I found myself looking at everything I own for Pendragon and  I came across an awesome digital magazine I forgot I had. This weekend I need to get caught up on my reading of the issues I have missed. I thought I would share with you a review I wrote about this magazine a little over a year ago.

Although the review is slightly more than a year old, my opinion has not changed. I still feel this is a high quality magazine with great art and better content. The best part is, the magazine is free!

Have yourself a look at the original review (Dragons of Britain); then head over to DTRPG and grab some free magazines.

~ Modoc

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