Dundjinni 2.0 In The Works! (Mapping Software)

The following was posted to reddit earlier today and should be of some interest to gamemasters and those that like to create maps. Dundjinni is a program I used to use and was rather impressed with its earlier version. I am going to keep my eye on this over the next few months to see if this goes anywhere. Might not amount to anything, but if it does, I will likely pick up a copy of the new version.

If you’re curious about what Dundjinni was capable of doing, simply search Google for Dundjinni and have a look at the images. There are some great maps out there created with Dundjinni.

The development of Dundjinni 2.0 should be starting soon. For those unfamiliar with Dundjinni it is a piece of mapping software that primarily focuses on battlemaps, dungeons, and encounters. Go to http://dundjinni.com/ for more info. Visit the forums there at http://dundjinni.com/forums/default.asp?C=4 to see a bunch of user created maps and submitted art. We believe that this software should be opened up to provide an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to other software currently out there. We are the only mapping software with over 8Gb of FREE art pieces, not mention maps, etc. We hope to in the future change our pricing of the older art packs and software of hopes of revitalizing interest.

Phase 1: Right now we are in the negotiation phase with Melinda McCauley (President of Dundjinni Enterprises) of the transfer of ownership and who is involved and how is will be structured etc. Right now it looks like the new entity controlling Dundjinni will be non-profit. A new company with a new name will be formed.

Phase 2: Once this new entity is created and setup we will then go into phase 2 which is organizing resources and figuring out how we want Dundjinni 2.0 to roll out and in what format.

phase 3 will be a restructuring of the web presence and developing the 2.0 Software which will more than likely have a Kickstarter element to fund the software changes. For those contributing to the kickstarter we will be giving away the older version and the art packs for FREE.

Phase 4 will see the web changes made, art packs and store front reorganized and 2.0 software being written and tested.

Phase 5 will see a beta release and would be available only for kickstarter backers.

Phase 6 is 2.0 completion and up for sale on the web store.

Phase 7 PR and marketing will occur here is time and money allows.

We are currently in phase 1 so please be patient. At this point I will no set any dates as it is too soon in the development process. Thank you. -Daniel C. Pryor

~ Modoc

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  1. Heruca says:

    Crossposting from the other DJ2 post: I think the closest thing we’ll ever see to DJ2 will be MapForge (sort of a “spiritual successor” to DJ). The person who was spearheading the effort to produce DJ2 has said he is abandoning that course of action and will instead be using and promoting MapForge. Many well-known former DJ users (Bogie, Kepli, SuperCaptain, Darkness, etc.) are also making the switch. http://www.mapforge-software.com/


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