Edge of Everything – Flash Fiction by Jim Pyre

Edge of Everything

The waves smashed against shore. The rhythm of the lake always drew him to this place. It was old, old enough for most of the folks in this backwater town to forget it even existed, but not him. The rhythm never let him forget.

He had loved her, hadn’t he? He showed her this special place. How he could call the things in the lake just by the sound of his lips scratching along reeds. He had wanted to show everyone, but she was special. They had told him to share with only those special girls who followed him to the shore.

He thought of her as he played to the beat of the crashing waves.

~ Jim Pyre

Jim Pyre lives and works Chicago.  He is a retired attorney who was bitten by the writing bug years ago; it’s a creepy bug with many eyes and legs. He is currently working various spooky true and fictional tales and his first book, a supernatural legal thriller.

This bit of flash is something he wrote to scare himself one night. He has plenty of other creepy things at his website jimpyre.com. Come on by to read other shorts, share some strange stories, meet some cool people, or just to say “hello.”

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