Dunwich Diaries: A Look at the Two Campaigns (Spoiler Free)

Here’s a brief spoiler free update. As you may recall, I am running two concurrent campaigns of the Horror on the Orient Express using the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rules. Each group has done things little different from the other and it has made for some interesting roleplaying and narrative fiction.

The online group has boarded the train for the Paris and we have switched gears to jumped into the Blood Red Fez optional scenario that places pre-generated investigators in the 1890s gaslight era. it should be noted that this group opted, through roleplaying, to not embark on the Doomed Trained optional scenario.

The local group is not quite as far along as the online group. We meet again in two days time to play. They will begin play at the point where they will have to make a decision as to how they wish to engage with or retreat from the Doomed Train optional scenario. They two have found the triggering mechanism for the Blood Red Fez optional scenario and have elected to play that scenario. They will journey to the gaslight era once they board the train to Paris as well.

In both games, both groups investigated all the clues they were presented with to some degree. Not wanting to accidently hint at spoilers, let’s just say that they each have done a wonderful job as a cohesive team. There have been some very comical moments with each group as well. There are two situations, one I cannot discuss yet, but the other happened with the local group. The investigators were searching for clues at the Chelsea Arms Hotel in hopes of finding some additional information about the man who died three times in one night. One particular investigator attempted to bribe the front desk clerk, but only served to infuriate the clerk with his brash assumption that he could bribe said clerk. Everyone at the table stopped whatever side conversations or reading they were doing at the moment and all attention turned to this player. There was hushed silence at the table as well. Grand time!

We have not had any situations yet, where a player has suffered catastrophic sanity issues, but I sense those are on the horizon!Dunwich Diaries: A Look at the Two Campaigns (Spoiler Free)

~ Modoc

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