News You Can Use

I was skimming some trusted news sources this morning and I have found a few articles that may be of great interest to some.

Barnes & Noble plans to host board game demo nights in 57 stores beginning in March. That is 9% of its 640 stores throughout the United the States. The plan is to feature one game each week for five weeks. They will be featuring demos and giving out promos for Sheriff of Nottingham, King of Tokyo, Splendor, Codenames, Lanterns (Source: ICv2)

It was announced on 23 February by Chaosium, Inc. that are releasing the first organized play campaign for Call of Cthulhu entitled “A Time to Harvest“. The story will take place at the famous Miskatonic University. This story arc will be a six-part story that will be released on a monthly schedule for six months. The first release is scheduled for 16 April 2016. To get Keeper access to this material you must a Cult of Chaos member and have signed up before 31 March 2016. Details on the Cult of Chaos can be found on their website. (Source: Chaosium, Inc.)

D. Vincent Baker announced the other day that he was now offering a hardcover option for his current 2nd edition Apocalypse World Kickstarter. Backers asked, he listened! He also announced on 23 February that he had just released a new playbook for the new version as well. (Source: D. Vincent Baker; Kickstarter)

It’s time to submit nominations for the annual Boardgame Geek/RPG Geek Golden Geek Awards. To learn more about the Golden Geek Awards and submit your nominations, please visit here. (Source: RPG Geek)

~ Modoc

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