Dreamscape: Laruna Live on Kickstarter


Laruna 1The fine folks at Of Dreams and Magic Publishing just launched their newest product line on Kickstarter, Dreamscape: Laruna. I am excited to say that I am backer #2! Dreamscape: Laruna is an epic fantasy RPG that uses their core mechanical engine that they introduced in their first game, Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM). Dreamscape: Laruna will be using the same core mechanical engine of ODAM, but there is so much more that is thematically appropriate for epic fantasy! There is so much that sets it apart from the original RPG and I don’t just mean the theme. I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at the game as part of their playtest group and I look forward to seeing what the final book will contain. The background information is rich and very detailed, the options available to players is immense, and who doesn’t like playing truly epic heroes! For me, the best part is that Dreamscape: Laruna can be combined with ODAM and thereby expanding the usability of both games!

 It’s worth checking out! There is much to be learned by watching the video on Kickstarter.

Look for future Dreamscape: Laruna articles!


~ Modoc

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