Rolling Boxcars Steams Ahead in A New Direction

So, I have been quiet as of late, but fear not! I am still here and still gaming. I have heard your mortal pleas to return to the keyboard! Just kidding or am I? With the recent passing of my closet friend and the selling off of his game collection for his widow, I have begun to re-evaluate what is important to me and what is just “there”. For example, gaming is still very important to me, but not in the same ways it was just a few months ago. What does this really mean? I’m not sure yet, as I am still trying to figure it out for myself.

I know that I am shifting more toward wargaming and further away from roleplaying, but this is actually rather normal for me. I tend to work in cycles and the shift just happens to be now. With this shift comes a different focus, but I have not forsaken my roleplaying games. I am still running a few roleplaying games and playing in a few other games. What is changing is the idea that I am going to continue to pack in as many new games as I can in a year. My days of doing that are done (for now). My days of getting super excited of new RPG Kickstarters is probably done as well.

What can you expect from Rolling Boxcars in the future? The same quality content but with less emphasis on roleplaying games and more emphasis on historical wargames. In short, I hope to have a nice blend of both of my passions.

See, I’m not going anywhere! First up on my “to do” list is to write a review of a little Wargame called Battle for Moscow that was published by GMT Games in their house magazine, C3i. Beyond that, we’ll have to see.

~ Modoc
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  1. Glen M Hallstrom says:

    Call me when you flip back over to RPGs. I love your stuff but I’m not really a wargamer. Carry on

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    1. modoc31 says:


      Don’t run off so soon! While I enjoy wargames and occasionally writing about them, I have not forsaken RPGs.

      ~ Modoc


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