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The Call of the Cthulhu bug is inspiring me to new depths of insanity! I am avid wargamer and a lover of military history to boot. Some of my recent RPG purchases have been to invest some military themed Call of Cthulhu books for a future project I am working on. Today, I preorder two new books from my FLGS and I wicked excited to get them! I preordered the new CoC 7th edition Keeper’s Guide and the forthcoming World War Cthulhu London book. These books, once they arrive in June they will be great additions to the growing lineup of CoC books and specifically military themed material in my collection.

Picture1212After a great conversation this past weekend with some of my regular CoC players, I woke up this morning inspired to put some of my existing books to use. At the present time I am looking to fuse pieces and parts from both World War Cthulhu and Achtung! Cthulhu material together to create some awesome military themed, horror infused, pulp tainted derring-do missions for some future SOE operatives.

I believe it is time to crack open World War Cthulhu: The Darkest hour and Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide and feverishly read them (again) and make some notes on what I want to use from each product line. Additionally, I going to research some of the weirder existing factual and fictional myths of WWII that be cool to use as a basis for a mission.

If you know of a really weird WWII fact/fictional rumor that you think would be great as the basis for a mission, please let me know!

~ Modoc

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