Fields of Despair – WWI Game on Preorder at GMT Games

Later this year, if the stars align, GMT Games will be producing a new Western Front WWI game entitled “Fields of Despair” by Kurt Keckley. I just want to put it out there that they’re still taking pre-orders on this uniquely different block game. If you’re a WWI gamer, this game is sure to appeal to you and pique your interest.

Playtest Map
Playtest Map

What makes it different?

d10-1 It’s a hex-based block game covering the entire Western Front and focuses on total fog of war. To this end, manpower is a resource that must be managed carefully to maximum effect.

d10-2 Kurt has attempted to incorporate secondary aspects of other theatres that had an impact on the Western Front. For example, The Eastern Front and sub warfare are abstracted, but an integral part of each game turn. Additionally, technological advancements are a part of the game and can make huge difference in your overall capabilities

d10-3 Kurt has cleverly devised ways to incorporate aircraft usage into a functional system that models the reality of the times. In 1914 aircraft capabilities are rudimentary at best as compared to 1918. This is reflected nicely in the rules!

d10-4 Will include a variety of scenarios and of course the big 1914-1918 campaign game.

d10-5 The finished game will also include solo rules!

If you’d like to learn more about the game and check out the rules, please head over to GMT’s website. I would also suggest you check out Inside GMT Games for a series of great articles about Fields of Despair.

~ Modoc

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