Great Battles of Alexander– A “How To” video by Gamer Hudson


Earlier today, I came across a “how to” video for the Great Battles of history (specifically Great Battles of Alexander) series by Gamer Hudson of Hudon’s Hideout Blog. This is a game series for which I have been reading the latest series rules in an attempt to get this it to the table soon–I hope.

Gamer Hudson’s three-part video series walks you through virtually two complete turns of one particular scenario. He walks us through the turn and all the segments that make up each turn. All the while paying attention to the more intricate rules and providing detailed explanations which help to flatten the learning curve. If you’re thinking of getting into the Great Battles of History series by GMT Games, this short three-part video series is well worth your time!

I am looking forward to the next segment in this series. Don’t forget to check out his blog by clicking on his name in the first paragraph.

~ Modoc

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