Hardcore History – An Amazing Historical Podcast

Many of you know I am history buff and wargamer; obvious, right? From time to time I seek out new sources of historical entertain and education and recently I found Dan Carlin and his series of Hardcore History podcasts. I have to admit, I think I am addicted to his presentation style and subject matter. His topics run the gamut and not limited to any one specific time period or historical event.

How does one review a podcast that features historical topics? It’s challenging, but in a nutshell it should focus on two things. First, facts and historicity and second, presentation. First things first, historicity. Mr. Carlin does a great job presenting those topics I have listened to thus far. He pays attention to get his history correct and does a fine job to cite or reference direct quotes from those that were recorded to be involved in the events he is explaining. While I have not listened to more than a fraction of his 57 Hardcore history episodes, what I have listened too so far appears to be factual based and in line with what I know to be fact from my college days and my continual reading on a variety of subjects. Another aspect that I appreciate is the list of historical research material and reading list that is provided with each episode. Again, this lends credence to the historicity of the podcast itself.

When it comes to presentation Mr. Carlin who is a professional journalist has a great command of the language and is very well spoken. His voice is easy to listen to and his presentation of the subject is engaging and keeps me riveting waiting to hear what he has to say or how he presents the next the piece of the big picture.

I am currently listening to his series entitled “Blueprint for Armageddon”. It’s a series of episodes that outline and detail the facts of how World War began and how the political and military preparations were underway for years, in some cases decades, in advance of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. This particular series is giving me inspiration and motivation to get some World War I games to the table. Specifically, I want to try Storm of Steel by Decision Games.

If you’re looking for a great historically-based podcast to listen to, you owe it to yourself to check out Hardcore History.

~ Modoc

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