Weekend Plans – Reconnecting with A Victory Lost and More


Tomorrow night I will have the opportunity to revisit an excellent wargame after a, far too long, hiatus. Two years ago I owned, played and then sold my copy of A Victory Lost by Multiman Publishing. From time to time I have been plagued with sellers remorse and to alleviate this, I finally purchased a new copy of the game about two weeks ago. I am wicked excited to be getting it back on the table!

If you’re not familiar with A Victory Lost it covers the Russian counterattack at Stalingrad (Operation Saturn) through Von Manstien’s backhand blow maneuver. A time period of late 1942 to early 1943. It’s an elegant game design of a critical battle situation at the operational level. What I like best about the design is the “chit draw” mechanic which affords the players much variability in which headquarters activate and when. This allows, in my opinion, for a more realistic simulation of field command variability and uncertainty.

Saturday, I am woefully lacking anything scheduled. Therefore, I think I will take the opportunity to keep reading the Great Battles of History rules and maybe try to solo a small scenario from Great Battles of Alexander.

Sunday, I will be once again running my Call of Cthulhu, Horror on the Orient Express game for my online gaming group. We had to take a several week hiatus due to a variety of circumstances. I’m glad to be getting back to this game!

What’s on your table this weekend?

~ Modoc

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