Mythos Sale: Modoc’s Top 15 Picks

The mythos sale at DriveThruRPG is in full swing and with over 800 items on sale, I have taken the liberty to list a few of my favorite picks. Let me know your thoughts on these games and supplements or any other products included in the sale that you want readers to check out.

My picks are not listed in any particular order.

d10-1 Horror on the Orient Express Boxset
d10-2 Trail of Cthulhu Rulebook
d10-3 Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set
d10-4 Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook
d10-5 Mask of Nyarlathotep
d10-6 Nameless Horrors
d10-7 World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour
d10-8 Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies
d10-9 World War Cthulhu London
d10-1d10-0 Silent Legions
d10-1d10-1 No Man’s Land
d10-1d10-2 Achtung! Cthulhu PDF Lovers Bundle
d10-1d10-3 Achtung! Cthulhu: Assualt on the Mountains of Madness
d10-1d10-4 Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
d10-1d10-5 Delta Green: Lover in the Ice

~ Modoc

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