Back to Business as Usual!

Now that the mess Hurricane Matthew has left me is getting cleared, albeit slowly, but cleared nonetheless I can get back to business as usual. Today, we signed a contract with a local general contractor we trust to repair Chateau Modoc and return it to its former glory. Ok, let me be clear, the damages are not horrible, it’s just there are lots of little things.

With things getting back to normal, I am wicked excited about the upcoming gaming events I’ll be attending–Savannah Skirmish and MACE. This week alone I have two RPG sessions! This weekend I will be attending the Savannah Skirmish in Savannah, GA to get my fill of historical wargaming.

Next month I will be at MACE in Charlotte, NC and this is really exciting for me. It’s one of the well-established regional conventions I have never attended; go figure! This week I will be working on the final touches for some of the RPGs I will have with me for pick up games. Here’s what has made the cut thus far:

d10-1 Call of Cthulhu – Nocturne: Lausanne (a tweaked Horror on the Orient Express scenario)
d10-2 Carolina Death Crawl (by Bully Pulpit Games)
d10-3 The Quiet Year (by Buried Without Ceremony)

I have a few other ideas, but as you can imagine my time has been a little pre-occupied as of late. If time permits, I will have a few other things ready to go.

Additionally, you will begin to see an increase in blog posts as I free up more time to read, write and muse about all things gaming. If you are a game designer or content creator and would like us to review one of your products, please feel free to email us at We’d be happy to work with you.

~ Modoc

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