New Reviews and Opinion Pieces in the Rolling Boxcars Hopper

With MACE this weekend, I hope to get some new games played. I am hoping for a little RPG and wargame action at the convention. With that, it should line me up nicely for some new reviews. In the review and opinion piece hopper are the following games or topics.

As a way to help me better formulate my proposed opinion pieces, please feel free to comment. Please comment here on the blog itself so I have only one place to reference back too later on. If you have inputs or opinions on any of the three topics and I know you have opinions, share them!

d10-1 WWII: Operation Whitebox (RPG)
d10-2 Carolina Death Crawl (RPG)
d10-3 CoC: Strange Aeons II (RPG)

d10-1 Safe spaces for gamers, do we really need them?
d10-2 The “X” card is a good thing!
d10-3 Kickstarter, the negative impacts on the gaming hobby.

~ Modoc
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  1. hipshotau says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about KS. It was supposed to a place for companies to make what otherwise would never see the light of day.
    Today it feels like another marketing tool.
    If a KS wants my money first and promise of delivery later there had better be a time value of money payback [discount or extras] or I don’t buy in.
    I’m tired of larger game firms soaking up available dollars that might go to innovators .

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    1. modoc31 says:


      You bet! I have some pretty heavy opinions about Kickstarter; some good and some not so good. Look for this article sometime next week.

      ~ Modoc


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