Laser Cut Tokens & Hand Painted D20s Oh My!

Laser Cut Tokens & Hand Painted D20s
ArtistElizabeth Klosek
Company: AROC Gaming
Company Website

This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend MACE in Charlotte, NC and got the chance to scour the vendors’ wares and I am very happy I did. One of the vendors, AROC Gaming, got a lot of my business. I purchased two different products from them and I am very happy with both!

AROC Gaming’s owner and chief artist, Elizabeth, creates some really cool and useful gaming accessories. The wood tokens caught my attention; the “adult” and thematic D20s caught the attention of my wife and son.

Laser Cut Tokens:
AROC GamingThese are very useful for someone like me who is not a fan of three-dimension miniatures (namely the storage problem). AROCs tokens make storage very easy. The tokens are laser cut from real wood, not MDF! One side is etched with the token name. As you can see in the pictures, some of my new tokens are etched with Cultist, Kobold, Tentacle, etc.

AROC sells tokens in a variety of sizes from the standard 1″ wide to several inches wide to represent all manner of creatures regardless of the game system used. There are two types of tokens you’ll find on her website; hand drawn and colored classic monsters adhered to wood tokens and custom etched tokens. I must say the ability to have tokens custom cut and etched with a particular name would be very useful in a wide variety of games and campaigns.

Hand Painted Dice:
Ok, let me upfront and honest; these dice are fucking awesome! Elizabeth does an amazing job taking blank polyhedral dice (D20s in my case) and laying down a good base coat. Each die is then hand numbered, but the embellishments can vary. We purchased “adult” dice and thematic D20s for my son. The pictures speak for themselves here. Who doesn’t want their die to read “Fuck” or “Shit” when they fumble? Better yet, how about “Crit” or “Fuck Yeah” when you roll a 20!

AROC GamingSo, custom painted dice, will they hold up? I have been rolling the daylights out these dice on hard surfaces, mashing them together and tossing my dice bag around a bit. The dice have yet to chip or show any signs of wear. Elizabeth is confident in her sealing method that she said she would re-seal my dice should the sealant fail.

Parting Shots:
I love the dice and the tokens. I have plans to get lots of mileage out of both. If you’d like to acquire some of her “adult” dice you will need to contact her directly. I do not see them listed in her Etsy shop. I paid $3 each, but convention pricing may be different from normal pricing. She may also have a variety of other custom painted or themed D20s that are not in her Etsy shop. I saw lots of standard and extra large D20s at the convention that I don’t see in her shop. Likewise, the token selection at the convention was very robust, but I don’t see them in her shop. If you’d like tokens like the ones I purchased, I would suggest contacting her directly through Etsy and inquiring.

I am wicked happy with my purchases!

Check out AROC Gaming’s Facebook page for lots of great photos too.

~ Modoc
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