Bring on the Black Friday Deals!

We have been scouring the internet to bring you some of the many Blck Friday deals that we felt were excellent and worth mentioning. The list below was curated after many of hours searching for some the coolest deals around. Many of the deals listed below are active right now. So, in between turkey dinner and dessert, go do some shopping!

Role 4 Initiative – 7 pc dice sets as low as $3.79 per set. Buy three, get one free and free shipping on all orders over $25.

Asmodee/FFG – 2016 Holiday sale features lots of games and RPGs from a variety of publishers that fall under the Asmodee umbrella. Of note, is the FFG version of Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition, On sale for $40.

GMT Games – Announced on 18 Nov that they were postponing their annual Fall sale until January to allow for new software integrations to be complete.

Lulu Publishing – always has discount codes. Currently, NIGEL35 will give you a 35% discount. Several great RPGs are available through Lulu–Labyrinth Lord, DCC Reference Booklet, and so much more!

Goodman Games – 20% off all print items. Use code: blackfriday2016
40% off all PDF products. Use code: blackfriday2016P

Magpie Games – All products are are 25% and you’ll get free shipping when you spend $50 or more. Use code: FEATHERYOURNEST

Miniature Market – Has 0ver 1800 items sale this weekend. While these are mostly their overstock items, you are sure to find something.

Game Matz – 25% off all gaming mats. Additionally, spend over $99 and get free shipping on your order.

DriveThruRPG – No announced sale yet, but typically they do something on Cyber Monday. Keep an eye on their site.

~ Modoc

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