More Black Friday Gaming Deals!

Here’s some more Black Friday Deals that were not announced until late last night.

North Wind Adventures – Selling the original ASTONISHING SWORDSMEN & SORCERERS OF HYPERBOREA™ for $40 ea.

Chaosium – is offering 15% selected titles. A company rep has confirmed that the newest CoC books are not part of the sale, but everything else seems to be included. Use code BLAFRI2016 

Lulu – Issued another code specifically for Black Friday weekend. Use code BFRIDAY33 to save 30% on all print books and calendars

Nordic Games – Is having a 25% off site wide sale. Use code BLACK-FRIDAY at checkout.

Frog God Games – The company is once again selling Bill’s Grab Bags; until Tuesday there is a $15 discount on Out of Print Grab Bags ordered through the Frog God Games Webstore. Use code BlackNecromancer2016 at checkout

Collins Epic Wargames – 50% off all Spearpoint 1943 series games now through Monday. In addition, you can use code BlackFriday to save an additional $5 upon checkout!

The War Store – Huge deals site-wide.

SPECIFIC Cyber Monday Deals:

Chaosium – is offering a Cyber Monday deal that includes 25% off selected PDF and eBook titles and 50% off all items in The Vault. This deal starts at midnight on 11/28. As with the Black Friday sale, it does NOT include the newest CoC material.

~ Modoc

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