Inkwell Ideas Holiday Sale – Creature Deck Bundles & More

The fine folks over at Inkwell Ideas are having a great holiday sale. Head on over and take a look. The sale is a two-part sale. Nearly all items in their store at 30%, use discount code 30forHolidays at checkout. Even cooler is that they are selling most of their creature deck bundles (oe/1e, Fate, Dungeon World, Pathfinder/3.5 and system-neutral). Each bundle contains 5 or 6 decks with PDFs too and includes 54 cards with art on one side and system-specific stats on the other (ecology info for the system-neutral decks). All for super low prices!

Inkwell Ideas are the creators of the ever-popular DungeonMorph Dice too and these are included in the sale.

I just ordered the 5 deck bundle (Oe/1e creature decks) for $21.20 shipped. Normally, $50+shipping; a killer deal if I do say so myself! I checked out the card inventories over at DriveThruRPG and was very impressed with the line up in each deck. I foresee getting lots of mileage out them.

The only thing I noted that was not included in the sale is the 7 deck set of D&D 5e creature decks. The reason is they are printed on demand through DriveThruRPG.

~ Modoc

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