Stygian Fox to Rerelease Four Highly Regarded CoC Books

Most of you know I am ardent fan of all things mythos and when I hear news that a small publisher is stepping up their game and going to be releasing more material for Call of Cthulhu, I get excited. I thought this was definately worth sharing with all you Call of Cthulhu fans. Last night, Stephanie McAlea of Stygian Fox announced that her company had purchased the rights to the following books. She intends to update each book and rerelease it in 2017.

d10-1 New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
d10-2 More Tales of the Miskatonic Valle
d10-3 Our Ladies of Sorrow
d10-4 Tales of the Sleepless City

This is exciting news! It will be great to see some of these books updated and rereleased to the masses. The future continues to look brighter and brighter for Stygian Fox. You can read the original announcement here.

In other Stygian Fox news, they’re current having a killer holiday sale over at DrivethruRPG. 50% off all of thier digital products. Time to get while the getting is good! I am going to grab their modern day CoC horror scenario book “The Things We Leave Behind“. I really want to read it and review it. Click the banner below to see what they have on sale.

Stygian Fox

~ Modoc

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