Updates to the Ben Burns Interview – Exploring the Star on the Shore

Good morning everyone! I have two updates for you regarding the recent Ben Burns interview – Exploring the Star on the Shore an Interview With Ben Burns of Dark Cult Games. Ben and I have stayed in contact and I wanted to provide two updates to the original interview.

d10-1 I had originally stated in an interview question that the fulfillment date was slated for May 2017 and I have made an error. I should have stated that it was July 2017, I didn’t catch this in the editing processes. The original post has been updated to avoid confusion.

d10-2 Ben’s initial funding goal was 4K according to the Kickstarter preview I read. Furthermore, Ben had not finalized his figures and had stated in the interview that it was merely a placeholder and it would probably change to some degree. Well, I am happy to say Ben has done the numbers and 4K is the funding goal to bring this project to life! The placeholder comment has been removed from the original article, again to avoid confusion.

Just a few more days until this launches on Kickstarter!

~ Modoc

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