A Look at The Great Pendragon Campaign POD Book Quality

Yesterday, I received the hardcover Print on Demand (POD) copy of The Great Campaign for King Arthur Pendragon (KAP) RPG that I ordered right before Christmas. The turn around time, even with the holiday, was pretty quick. Here’s a look at the POD product so you can make an informed decision if this book in printed form is right for you. Below are few pictures of the book And my initial thoughts on the quality of the book itself.

edited_1483051448777                 20161230_084409

The cover art is bright and glossy and pretty darn snazzy! The covers themselves are a little large as compared to the overall size of the pages. The paper is flat white and unglossed and the print is clear and very easy to read. The paper is a little on the thin side when compared to books like Call of Cthulhu (7e) or Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook (5e). The binding is so far solid with no signs that lead me to believe that it would fall apart anytime soon.

20161230_084401                20161230_084327_001

Am I happy with the physical book? Yes! It is obviously not an offset printed book and putting that aside, it’s nice to have a book that is rather hard to find in its original printing. The POD edition is perfect! It’s less than half of the cost of the original book [if you can find one] and includes errata (to my knowledge). Due to the total number of pages, I am not sure how a POD softcover would hold up over time, but the hardcover seems to be solidly built.

I treat my books very well like they were my children, so I fully expect the book to hold up over time. If not, I’ll be sure to let you know!

You can get the PDF, Softcover or Hardcover POD books here.

~ Modoc

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