Back to the Future – Leaving 2016 Behind and Setting Goals for 2017

2016 has ended and 2017 has now begun. I am reminded of all the good and bad of 2016 but let’s not dwell on the past and look forward to brighter future. To do that properly, we must analyze where we have been and set goals we want to achieve in the future. I am reminded of the ups and down I faced throughout this year. I have lost my closest friend (RIP Gary) and had a tree fall on my house during Hurricane Matthew. The good times and experiences have outweighed the bad times for sure, but this has been one hell of a year. Ok, enough of that….

I would like to first thank everyone that followed one of our DriveThruRPG links or banners and made a subsequent purchased this past year. Every time you follow one of these we get very small amount of affiliate credit when you make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

We didn’t do so well with meeting out stated 2016 goals here at Rolling Boxcars and this does not make me happy. A quick look at how we did.

Blog Goals for 2016:
d10-1 Publish our 500th post –> We fell slightly short of this goal with 476 posts
d10-2 Publish 15 reviews –> Nailed it! 15 reviews exactly!
d10-3 Publish 10 interviews –> Not even close, we published only 2 reviews this year. 
d10-4 Establish a regular Call of Cthulhu Column –> This did not happen
d10-5 Bring onboard additional guest writers (to add new flavor to blog) –> This did not happen

This past year I was all over the place with my writing. There were times that I got so engrossed in my day job or traveled for work that I had to step away for short periods of time and this is evident in our failure to meet some of our goals. No worries, we’re pressing on with pride into 2017!

Blog Goals for 2017:
d10-1 Publish our 600th post – Seems pretty reasonable
d10-2 Publish 10 reviews –> Need to expand my wargame reviews in 2017!
d10-3 Publish 10 interviews –> No change here. Suggest interviewees; fill out the form below
d10-4 Bring onboard additional guest writers – Still want this to happen

I have a few personal goals for 2017 too. They are all game related, gee go figure!
d10-1 Begin running The Great Pendragon Campaign (KAP)
d10-2 Coax my teenager into playing more games (all kinds)
d10-3 Make more time for wargaming
d10-4 Attend more conventions
d10-5 Meetup with more Rolling Boxcars readers in 2017

I think the goals are modest and achievable. So, let’s all move forward into 2017 with our heads held high and walk with Cthulhu our Lord and Savior for he will guide us!

~ Modoc

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