Neoplastic Press Products Steeply Discounted

pic1507565Here’s some great news for you horror inclined fans out there. Rafael Chandler announced yesterday that he was fire selling all of his products! Why? He claims to have broken even on all his projects and want to pass things on so more people can enjoy his stuff.

Per his announcement:
All my PDF gaming stuff is now free or pay-what-you-want [PWYW]. All my print gaming stuff is now sold at cost (no profits to me). Why? Because I pretty much broke even, and had a bit left over to commission some artwork for that heavy metal OSR sourcebook I’m working on. Time to cut prices to the bone! If you like cannibalism, tentacles, and scaphism, check out my stuff in the links below (also, new Lulu code: RESOLUTE15 saves you 15% — Christ, talk about burying the lede, Chandler).

Some of Chandler’s work is far out in left field and oh so awesome!I would highly encourage everyone to throw some money his way for the PWYW PDFs at DriveThruRPG. He publishes some OSR material and some stand alone RPGs like ViewScream and Pandemonio

PDFs can be obtained through DriveThruRPG.
Printed books can be obtained through Lulu.

~ Modoc

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