A New Project Idea- The Mythos Side of Charleston’s History and Folklore

As I delve ever deeper into the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and the roleplaying games inspired by his writings, I am continually haunted by the idea of creating something new and unexplored as of yet. There exists, as part of Lovecraft’s Travelogues, “An Account of Charleston” (1930). So, we know Lovecraft visited there, but aside from the previously mentioned essay, Charleston does not feature anywhere else in his works or in the myriad of roleplaying game supplements; in so far as I have been able to determine.

Charleston, South Carolina has a very rich and sometimes unsavory history that would have served Lovecraft well had he opted to use it as inspiration in his writings. I live just outside the city and have for over 20 years and our local history is ripe for the picking! There are so many historic sites, legends, and folklore tales specific to this regions that span from the colonial era to the modern day. There is so much to work with! As you can imagine with the plethora of local inspiration I am constantly nagged by sub conscience thoughts of creating some Charleston-centic content for roleplaying games inspired by Lovecraft himself.

If anyone is aware of any works by Lovecraft himself or mythos based roleplaying game content that focuses on Charleston, please let me know. I am seriously thinking of heading down this road. In fact, I have a historical site just a mile from my house that I have researched extensively while I was actively working on my degree in history. Maybe I should use it as the basis for some game content or at least inspirational articles.

What would you like to see in a project such as this? If there are specific things you would find useful for games like Call of Cthulhu? Feel free to chime in. This project starts with a clean slate and I am open to your thoughts, comments and inspirational steering.

~ Modoc

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