A little Gem! Saving Innsmouth the Play-by-Post Way

I have been running the Save Innsmouth introductory scenario for The Cthulhu Hack again, this time as a play by post game over at RPG Geek. I have implemented some of the changes I proposed in my review of the scenario and I’m happy to report that the game feels more robust and providing the players with a richer experience.

I was a little over critical in my review of Save Innsmouth, but I knew there was a great scenario in there somewhere and I have found it! I modified the lead-in to the scenario by having the bus driver converse with the players and hint at some of the background of the town. I also let the players enter Innsmouth and look around a bit as opposed to having them wake at the bottom of shaft in some type of cellar. They still ended up there, but the lead up to it was much better with my tweak. Well worth picking up if you don’t already have it.

If you’d like to see how this play by post is going and how the players are interacting with each other and with the scenario, head on over to Save Innsmouth – 2017 PbF New Player Initiative  – (IC) thread.

Don’t forget to check out my review of The Cthulhu Hack as well. This is a great light weight game system that will continue to see table time with me.

~ Modoc

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