Kickstarter Projects That Caught My Eye

There are a couple of Kickstarters that have recently caught my attention. What’s on your radar as of late?

Fear’s Sharp Little Needles

I couldn’t throw my money at this one fast enough! Call of Cthulhu modern from a company that does outstanding work, hell yeah!

Dusk City Outlaws
This one has me interested. Though I already own Blades in the Dark which is similarly themed. Per my conversation with the designer, the theme is considerable lighter than the dark grit of Blades in the Dark. I have not committed to this one yet.

Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood
This one also interests me. Bryce did a great job with his previous game, Baker St., and I had a chance to preview the draft rules of this one. I like what I see. I am still on the fence, only because I want the physical book and card deck and the price point is a little for me at the moment.

~ Modoc

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