Burning for Burning Wheel

I recently began posting on both Twitter and G+, more so on G+, about my upcoming excursion into Burning Wheel. Now I am starting to see more and more posts on both social media sites about Burning Wheel. I wonder why?

I am stoked to finally get the chance to play in a Burning Wheel game after having tried to get into a game for the last two years. It’s crunchy and requires a certain level of dedication to play after all. Our game starts with character burning on the 18th, we’ll see where it goes from there. Seeing others equally as interested is this cool game is 08awesome!

Thankfully for interested folks, both the Burning Wheel Gold and the new Codex are coming back into print within the next 90 days or so according to my source. There are also a variety of Actual Play (AP) videos out there you can check out if you’re so inclined. Below are two of APs I have listened to in the past.

The Burning Wheel – Roll20 Game Masters Series
Mathsquad’s Burning Wheel

If you have a recommended AP you’d like to share, please comment so that others can check it out. Know of a good review? Share that too!

On a side note, I am hoping to finally get into a game of Torchbearer in the near future as well. After all, I did back the Kickstarter back in the day.

~ Modoc

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