RapierCon Was A Blast!

I have finally recovered from RapierCon, well mostly recovered! RapierCon was great and the best part was seeing old friends and making new ones.

If you’re not familiar with RapierCon, it’s located in Jacksonville, Florida and held annually each February. It started as a wargaming event and has grown over the years to include boardgames and some roleplaying games. Sadly, this year was very light on the roleplaying games. I spoke with some of the organizers and they were happy that attendance was up this year and looking forward to next year. I need to make it a point to help out more with the RPGs for next year. They have an amazing amount space that is ripe for growing the Roleplaying segment.

Cthulhu Wars
Cthulhu Wars
Team Yankee

I played a varied of games; there were two specific games I was glad I got the chance to play. The first was The Lamps are Going Out by Compass Games. The Lamps are Going Out is a strategic level WWI game that I had recently purchased. We arranged a three player game and were able to get through about 50% of the game before one of the players had to leave. The second was Clash of Cultures. A civ-building game that caught my attention some time ago, but this was the first chance I got to play it. My son enjoyed the game immensely; so much so that I just purchased a copy for us.

Speaking of purchases! I acquired a goodly number of games, books, miniatures and other sundry items at both the flea market and from the vendors. My notable takeaways are Axis & Allies Europe and Pacific (like new), Spy RPG and Saga miniatures and rules to finally play the game.

My Haul!

16708316_10212275999803049_66920827432246371_n 16641076_10212275999123032_3560737307103550296_n

A few shouts:
Polyhedral Knights – For a complimentary copy of Spy
Big Daddy Games – For selling the kick ass dice bags
The Adventure Games Store – For great deals on the Saga miniatures, rules and accessories

The most important thing this year was that my son (15) had a great time playing boardgames and playing with the Sci-Fi bridge simulator called Artemis. He even got to play some new playtest games by the designer of Britannia, Lewis Pulsipher. My son loves geo-political and civ-style games and his talks with Mr. Pulsipher have left a lasting impression on my son.

Rapier for the win!

~ Modoc

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  1. Mike Jones says:

    Oh come on, no comment about Pow Wow

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    1. modoc31 says:


      Pow Wow, let’s see here, what should I say? There is nothing to say!

      ~ Modoc


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