Aces & Eights Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Aces & Eights fans and all those that love the wild west, the critically acclaimed Aces & Eights RPG is getting a reboot. According to Kenzer & Co. “Please like and share to help spread the word. We’ve been working hard on this for a while now. A&8 was RPG of the Year in 2007. We’re very excited about getting this game back in print with a new edition. And yes — the Shot Clock system stays.” (21 Feb, Kenzer & Co. Forums)

While I have never been into westerns in any media or form, I am going to be watching for this in the coming weeks to see what all the hype has been about over the years. I would suspect we’ll this launch sometime around GaryCon in March. Is this something that appeals to you and if so, why?

~ Modoc

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  1. searchingfordragonsblog says:

    It’s a staple rpg setting for those of us not born here. Other cultures love em’ some Wild West stuff. I have all the original Aces & Eights. It’s one of the highest researched, well-crafted RPG’s I’ve ever owned.

    It’s inventive, interesting, and lethal. Has an interesting ‘shot clock’ mechanic where you put a clear bullseye page over a man sized silhouette. You fire with a normal card deck and modify the hit with skill.

    So aim for the body, the original shot would hit an arm and you skill adjust it back where you want it.

    I’ll probably back it. I like westerns. When I went to Ireland it’s all my grandparents would ever ask about. Clint Eastwood and all that.

    Hell I’ve been here close to 30 years now and I still find it fascinating.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      This actually sounds pretty cool. There is a local gamer here that loves all things western and I think he owns the original game, but hardly ever plays RPGs.

      I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for more information and share what I find.

      ~ Modoc

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  2. Jayson King says:

    I love the Wild West rpg’s. Aces and Eights is easily the best of them. It’s kinda crunchy but it’s so well done you have to give it a try. My first edition copy is a masterpiece. Leather bound in the style of a Time Life Books from way back. It’s a beaut.

    I’ll definitely back it.


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