Alan’s Unofficial (& Totally Biased) Essential Pendragon RPG Book Guide


Here’s another summary of some of the essential books for King Arthur Pendragon and why they are amazing books! It’s a good read and I am glad Rolling Boxcars could be the catalyst for this article. Not to mention a continued spotlight on a great RPG!

~ Modoc

Alan Bahr

A friend asked me to respond to this article with my thoughts. As my thoughts were longer than the communication medium (Twitter) allowed me to respond easily, I decided to collate them into this blog post. I mostly agreed, but I felt my own article on my favorite RPG would be worth it (plus I needed to write a blog post!).

Thus, I present to you, Alan’s Unofficial (& Totally Biased) Essential Pendragon RPG Book Guide!

My love affair with Pendragon as the best RPG I’ve ever played is well documented on this blog, and it doesn’t bear repeating (I love Pendragon so much. It’s the absolute best RPG I’ve played, if not the best you can buy).

I’ve divided these into categories, start with Must Buy, and getting all the way to Don’t Really Need. You can click on the titles or the pictures for links to…

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    1. modoc31 says:

      Always happy to share and promote various opinions on great games!

      ~ Modoc


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