Friday Roundup – 25-31 March 2017

In this week’s roundup, lots of exciting stuff came across my desk and inbox.

 Goodman Games has launched a new Kickstarter for DCC Lankhmar. We knew something was going to be announced and/or launched during the GaryCon weekend. This is the forum in which Goodman Games likes to make their big announcements. It’ll be interesting to see how this one does as compared to previous Kickstarters. There is lots of anti-Goodman Game buzz following the recently delivered and overly delayed 4th printing of the DCC rulebook.

 Goodman Games has partnered with WotC to republish of the old classic D&D modules. These will not be simple reprints. In Goodman Games fashion, the books will be hardcover and include the original module as printed, conversion of the module to 5e, new 5e content and behind the scenes historical content. The first volume will include B1 and B2. The press release states the book will be available at GENCON and general release in September.

 Gloomhaven, the much acclaimed massive legacy fantasy boardgame will once again return to Kickstarter for a reprint on 4 April. This is one game that I am really excited about and bummed I first the first Kickstarter. I will be backing this one.

 We have been able to confirm that the new version of Top Secret that we mentioned in last week’s roundup will be Kickstarted. Unfortunately, the company has not set any date that we can hang our hats on; though I am glad to see an old classic returning the to the market and a new generation of gamers.

 Blades in the Dark is finally at the printers! For anyone that pre-ordered or did any add-ons through Backer Kit, your card should charge on or around the 11 April. The good news is we’ll have printed books in circulation and at game tables very soon. If you’re a digital kind of person and want to get the PDF, here you go – Blades in the Dark

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~ Modoc

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