Charity Raffle for Kits N Kats Feline Rescue


There is a great raffle happening over on G+ for a cat rescue. This is something dear to my heart. Please continue reading to read David Baity’s fundrasier and how you can get involved for a chance to win a slew of Dungeon Crawl Classics material!

I’ve spent the last several months getting everything ready for my second attempt at a charity raffle. As many of you know, I have a small weakness in my scaly hide for all things that purr. Last October, I happened to be in my local pet food store, and did my usual to avoid the several cages set up by the lovely ladies of Kits N Kats rescue (Check all the smiles out on their FB page). I had habitually avoided them for years because I’m a total sap for homeless cats, and I think it’s just easier to ignore them than to stop and get sucked into their cause.

That all changed in October. That day, a tiny kitten was set off to the side in a carrier, and as I was checking aquariums my curiosity got the best of me. This little kitten was named Tilly and she was obviously very ill. It broke my heart, and for once I decided to not be one of those folks that just walks by. I found out that Kits N Kats takes the kitties that nobody else wants. It doesn’t matter what is wrong with them, they take them in and get them the medical attention they need, saving many of them from being euthanized. I filled up a cart with food that day and dropped it off on the way out. The thanks I got was unexpected and it saddened me to discover they don’t get much in the way of help.

How many of you would spend every Saturday of your life setting up cages and sitting in a pet food store all day, just in hopes someone will take a cat home that you’re fostering? I know I’m a stingy bastard with my Saturdays, so the fact that sweet folks do this is something I genuinely admire. Firemen are called heroes all the time, but to me, these guys are real heroes. I squirt water on burning things on occasion. These ladies take unwanted animals and refuse to give up on them. The medicate, feed and shelter them until someone gives them a forever home.

Tilly lost her battle to her ailments, sadly, but she went out being loved and cherished every day she was here. She also pulled me into the ring, which is why I’m officially announcing a month-long raffle for a treasure trove of amazing RPG goodness. There are so many items in this stash that I hope I can remember to list them all!

So, this is it. If you want to help please donate anything you can by way of purchasing $1.00 raffle tickets. For each dollar you donate, I will throw your name into the “fish-bowl-of awesome”. The more you throw in the better the odds of winning will be! The charity raffle will last until Midnight, June 5th. Once the raffle ends I’ll have someone pick the winner randomly and announce it the following day on Facebook and G+
Last November I presented Kits N Kats rescue with a check for $900.00. They were able to buy food and litter to keep things going, but also pay off their debt with the local Vet clinic that helps make sure the cats are healthy for adoption. I really hope this raffle will be even bigger than last year, so please help me by spreading the word and encouraging your friends to do the same!

To donate simply log in to PayPal and send whatever you can spare to or click the link

List of awesomeness!
Hardback custom DCC engraved wooden book! I can’t say enough about this gem made by Ken Campbell! It’s truly beautiful and lays flat, filled with blank pages. Ken just asks that someone please actually use one for a change, lol!

Adventures: Boston Crawl for DCC, Faerie Tales From Unlit Shores (The Portsmouth Mermaid), Fates Fell Hand, The 13th Skull, Colossus Arise!, Chaos Rising, The Emerald Enchanter, Frozen in Time, Sky Ov Crimson Flame, Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman, Carnival of the Damned (signed by yours truly if you want!), The Vault of Ash, Escape from the Shrouded Fen (signed by Terry), Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises, The Vertical Halls, Null Singularity, Attack of the Frawgs, Beyond the Silver Scream. Sunken City Omnibus (hardback)

For Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Death Frost Doom (signed by Zak Sabbath)

Sourcebooks: Nowhere City Nights, Mind Games, D.A.M.N Magazine #1(revised), Hubris, Black Powder Black Magic Volume I & II.

Systems-neutral: Vornheim (signed by Zak Sabbath)

Rulebooks: DCC, 4th printing (signed by a whole gaggle of cool people like Kovacs, Stroh, Goodman, Curtis and more!)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess (signed by James Raggi)

T-shirts: MCC: XL (never worn), Super cool cat shirt! Chinese XXXXL (would fit a small to medium person)

Dice: One 12 piece set of Game Science dice, 3 sets of Dark Trails dice from various runs (not shown)

Lunchbox: The DCC lunchbox sold at Gencon 2016 (Small dent in corner though)

Swag: Belt buckle (Never touched a gamer gut!), satin dice bag, spiral notebook.

Artbook: Doug Kovac’s sketchbook, the Drain Chamber deluxe edition (signed and uber cool!)

Print: MCC Cover painting signed by Doug Kovacs

Cup: One unused “Original Posse” Dark Trails cup

Cough Drops: 1 Ricola cough drop (signed by Brendan LaSalle)

*I will pay up to 50.00 out of pocket for shipping. This is a gigantic lot of loot, so you may have to help a little.

I also want to extend special thanks to +Doug Kovacs, +Joseph Goodman, +Terry Olson, +Stephen Newton, +Ken Campbell for going above and beyond to help make this happen!

~ Modoc

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