The Lovecraft Tapes: A Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Podcast – Highly Recommended!

I have been religiously listening to The Lovecraft Tapes since they began releasing episodes a few months back. The Lovecraft Tapes is an actual play (AP) podcast where the Keeper of Arcane Lore is running a Call of Cthulhu game for three players. Every Monday they release a new episode and are currently up to episode 24. I would highly encourage you to listen from the beginning, it’s well worth it!

What sets this podcast apart from others? There are several things I really like and I think the guys have done a great job in bringing a solid podcast to the gaming community. First, the investigators are charismatic (the players too). The investigators have great personalities that have developed over the course of time; this makes it easy to get into their story and how they interact with each other and the plot. Second, the story itself! Jeremy has done a great job crafting some weird story arcs with lots of little hints of the mythos creeping in. The story has some pretty cool and unseen twists and turns that keeps me wanting more. I won’t say anymore so as to stay spoiler free. Lastly, the thing that really hooks is that the episodes are short and easily digestible. Most episodes are about 45 mins in length which is a perfect.

If you’re looking for a Call of Cthulhu AP podcast to listen to, I recommend The Lovecraft Tapes over all of the other CoC AP Podcasts out there. The presentation, personalities, story, and the overall sound quality are what set it apart for me.

~ Modoc

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeremy says:

    And don’t forget all the swearing and sex jokes!


    1. modoc31 says:

      It’s highly entertaining! Need I say more?

      ~ Modoc


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