Crash & Burn – Streets of Stalingrad 4th Edition Kickstarter was Canceled


Just a few hours ago, the Streets of Stalingrad 4th edition Kickstarter for the new play-test kit was canceled! The company has cited creative differences between the two IP owners, Parham and Lombardy. It seems very oddly timed in the last few days of the campaign. I suspect we’ll learn more in the coming days and weeks.

The following is taken directly from the Kickstarter:


30 June 2017

It is with deep regret that David Parham and I—the original creators of Streets of Stalingradtm—have canceled the 4th edition project. Out of legal considerations, we prefer to express our concerns in the following press release.

We feel that irreconcilable creative differences have gotten in the way of producing the project we were so excited to bring to the gaming world.

We hope to post additional announcements about how we will move forward, but for now we must immediately put a hold on SOS4tm.


Over the past 30-plus years, Lombardy and Parham developed rules and historical evaluations for battalion-level, regiment-level, and division-level games of the battle for Stalingrad. When the SOS4tm contract termination becomes final in 90 days, David and I plan to work on one of these games to replace the SOS4tm project.

Extra note from Dana: Many of you are no doubt as disappointed as are David and I in this turn of events. We want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our friends, fans, and business associates who supported SOS4tm. Dana is currently working on several non-Stalingrad projects covering World War 2 and other eras, and he is offering FREE digital downloads as gratitude for your pledges. Contact for the list of items and Dana will immediately send you one or the link to one.

~ Modoc

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  1. modoc31 says:

    It seems like the third partner, Russ Schulke, has removed all of his posted from a recent BGG thread about the game. Seems there is more than meets the eye to this situation. 

    ~ Modoc


  2. Paul Stuhlfaut says:

    Bum. Bum……Bum

    I guess they all don’t make it. I feel bad for the developer; I’m sure they spent a considerable amount of time and research on this project

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  3. Kevin Rohrer says:

    Not the first time Dana has had “creative differences” w/ his partner. Seems like a nice guy, but he is toxic.

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    1. modoc31 says:


      I have not heard that until today and twice at that. So, maybe there is something to that. Then again, maybe not.

      ~ Modoc


  4. modoc31 says:

    More and more the plot thickens. Big Board Gaming is reporting that Russ Schulke is possibly under a gag order and deleting posts. I had already seen the evidence of the deletions, but that is the first I am hearing about a gag order. I guess Russ can delete all he wants, but the Wayback Machine was likely sure to capture most if not all of his original posts should they be needed in some sort of legal case. I’ll post more as things become available.

    ~ Modoc


  5. Maya says:

    In this era of “Trump facts,” it seems you have change the Big Board Gaming statement.

    The post reads as follows “… seems Russ has some gag order? He is rapidly deleting CSW and BGG posts.”

    Possibly, Mr. Schulke does not want to be associated with Lombardy Studios? “Occam’s razor 101”


    1. modoc31 says:


      He may very well not want to be associated with Lombardy Studios, but at face value it seems very odd and circumspect to be removing all his posts. Whatever the situation, I am sure it will all be for the best. Though from my own experience interacting with Russ he was rather rude and demanding. To that end, it doesn’t shock me there has been some type of falling out.

      ~ Modoc


  6. Al Bisasky says:

    Hello Dana,
    If I remember correctly, we first met in 1976 at the Origins convention in Baltimore. You were working on the first edition of SOS and I was working for RBM as a photojournalist. You showed me the map and I was very impressed. I was delighted to see that it was finally published in 1979. Unfortunately, I gave up on Wargamming around that time, so I did not get hold of a copy.
    I’ve drifted in and out of the hobby over the years and have only recently returned. I was trying to fly under the radar until MacGowan asked me for a nostalgia piece on F&M. Never should have started using Facebook, but I has been a good source for catching up. I heard from Jack Greene and even got a snide remark from Berg. I thought that he was dead! I never liked him and still don’t. I’m guessing that I’m not alone there.
    I was sorry to hear that SOS 4th Ed. was cancelled. Perhaps sometime in the future?
    Take care, stay well. It’s good to “see” you again.


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