Two Mid-Summer Exchanges at RPG Geek


Roleplayers rejoice! RPG Geek has two awesome exchanges happening right now and there is still time to get involved. First, is the RPG Math Trade and second, is the annual “Unbirthday Exchange” (think secret Santa in July). I am a regular participant in these trades and exchanges. They are fun and very easy to participate in.

Unbirthday Exchange – This one is super easy. Sign up at the link above and on or about 21 July you’ll be given a “target”. Your target could be anywhere in the world, but fear not! Many participants are okay with digital books or you can locate an online retailer in their home country to save on shipping. There is a special “Mad Hatter” user ID you can log into and ask your target questions and/or give them a good taunting. Come join the fun!

RPG Math Trade – Math trade use back-end software to mathematically make as many trades as possible. Here’s a great wiki that explains it much better than I can.  Even though this is an international exchange, shipping costs for international trade are usually split between the sender and the receiver. Have a look at the submission list to see what others have listed as their shipping policies. Bear in mind, it is generally accepted that all US to US trades will be free shipping.

If you have questions about either of these exchanges, please ask. I’m more than happy to help you out.

~ Modoc

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