Ghost Court Now Available from Bully Pulpit Games


Do you like LARPs? If so, the folks at Bully Pulpit Games have just released Ghost Court in print and PDF following their successful Kickstarter. Do yourself a favor and watch the four-minute video at the DTRPG link below to get a sense of this fast playing game. While I am not a LARPer, this does seem like quirky good fun.

PDF version is located at DTRPG – Ghost Court in PDF
Print version is located at IPR – Ghost Court in Print
Don’t overlook your local game store too!

Ghost Court is a live-action party game about spectral justice in a small claims court. It is perfectly suited for a large group, but you can play with as few as six players.

What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors. They are the living people and ghosts who have already either filed suit or been served a summons to appear in municipal court. Both parties in the suit have agreed to dismiss their court cases and have their disputes settled here, in our forum: Ghost Court.

Play focuses on a few players at a time, as the judge and court officers hear testimony while the rest of the players take turns as plaintiffs and defendants arguing over the petty disputes between the living and the dead.

Cases last a few minutes and are ridiculous. Will you be an over-the-top landlord, aggrieved at a scheduled haunting gone off the rails? Will you be a sad poltergeist who only wants to make a bad smell? In Ghost Court you might get to be both.

A typical game takes an hour, but you can keep playing as long as everyone is having a good time.

What’s Included?

This digital edition includes all 96 cards as a print-and-play PDF as well as the rules and example of play in a convenient, US Letter-sized, 5 page PDF. ~Taken from DTRPG

~ Modoc

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