It’s ENnie Season – Here’s Some of My Favorites


It’s ENnie voting time and this year there are some nominees in all of the various categories. It excites me to see so many of the game books that I personally own and like. I would like to plug a few of my favorites. The 2017 nominees list can be found here and cast your votes here.

The Things We Leave Behind Has been nominated for the following categories – Best Adventure and Best Electronic Book. At present the company is offering the PDF at 20% until voting closes on the 21st. A pretty great deal for an awesome book! Well deserving of your vote!

Chaosium has several Call of Cthulhu products that have been nominated this year. I highly encourage everyone who loves CoC to consider voting for these as well!

Last, but not least, the Age of Ravens blog has been nominated for Best Blog, follow the link to Lowell’s blog and see why it is pretty awesome!

~ Modoc

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