Is it Good to be the King? Yes, but Being a Blogger is Better

There are lots of great reasons to be a game blogger. One of which is working directly with publishers and from time to time getting the chance to get advance information about great games. Today is one of those days!

My friends at Nocturnal Media know that I am a life-long King Arthur Pendragon RPG fan and that I’m keen on the idea of their forthcoming newest campaign, Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne. This was a supplement that I Stewart kept teasing me about and was always evasive with the details. Just the other day I announced that they would be launching this supplement next week on Kickstarter, 18 July to be precise. Then last night, I was provided with additional material to read and holy hell this is some great stuff.

I am planning to provide some teasers in the coming days about Paladin, but obviously I can’t divulge too much, but I think your going to like what we write about. Therefore you need to stay tuned and follow us (links below).

Here’s your first teaser – While the game mechanics generally mirror King Arthur Pendragon rules, there are a number of subtle changes that enhance game play. As such Paladin better reflects the Carolingian Epics, much like Pendragon reflected the Arthurian Romances. I know, that’s not much of tease, so here goes! The Pious/Worldly trait has been removed and replaced with the “Love [Charlemagne]” passion. Weapon skills that used to be recorded separately like one and two-handed swords are now more streamlined and are now simply “sword skill”. Let’s see what else I can tell you… You’ll love this! Extended families are given a greater emphasis in Paladin. The author even encourages character knights to be from the same extended family. Okay, one more and that’s it for today. The passions of Loyalty [Lord] and Hospitality have been rolled up into the Honor passion. while slightly more streamlined this change emphasizes the importance knights of this time period placed on being honorable and hospitable. Defying your lord or violating the rules of hospitality are simply dishonorable acts!

I am so looking forward to digging deeper into the material they have sent me. Don’t forget to follow us to get the latest information on Paladin, the forthcoming Kickstarter and all your gaming related news and reviews.

~ Modoc

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