Paladin – Is It A Massive Campaign?

In this installment of my semi-authorized Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne teaser series, we’re going to look beyond the rules and more toward the story itself.

Let me be frank (no pun intended) with you, if you’ve been following some of my previous posts, I had been eluding to there being some type of campaign in the book as well as the core rules; this is only partially correct. I was initially misinformed that the book contained a full year by year campaign in the style of The Great Pendragon Campaign. Unfortunately, that is not the case and I have verified that by perusing the manuscript and confirming with a Nocturnal Media company representative. This was further clarified with update # 3 on 19 July. While that does, in some small way, make me sad it’s not all bad news I promise!

Let’s rejoice! The book is going to contain copious amounts of scenarios that will allow game masters to create their campaigns in the style of The Great Pendragon Campaign (GPC), but allowing game masters so much more flexibility than the GPC allowed for. I love GPC for the massive campaign that it is, but it’s somewhat limiting in terms of flexibility  and having to keep with the Arthurian timeline.  Paladin, on the other hand will contain the following:

 A chapter dedicating to writing campaigns and adventures (This is very robust!)
 One chapter dedicated to outlining events happening on a year by year basis
 2 Long form Introductory adventures – The Adventure of the Humble Squires and The Adventure of the Jewel
 20 Short form scenarios – Frameworks for game masters to expand upon

While the book will not contain a GPC-like campaign structure, there is no shortage of scenarios and details on which to build epic tales of your own construction. If we take what the book will be giving us, in addition to the scenarios that are part of the Kickstarter stretch goals, there will be far more than enough adventuring to be had.

Let’s talk about the stretch goals. They are long form adventures are attributed to a specific year within the reign of Charlemagne. If enough of them get unlocked and become available we could certainly have something a little more like the GPC.

Next Installment – I will focus on how the core rules work for those not familiar with the parent game, King Arthur Pendragon.

~ Modoc

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