Multiman Publishing Annual Summer Sale Happening Now!

For those that love wargames and do not subscribe to Multiman Publishing mailing list, their annual summer sale started July 27th and runs through the 1st of August. Below is a list of what they provided us in the emails. All of the links take you directly to their website. There are some great games here for really good prices!

Angola [$45]

Storm Over Dien Bien Phu [$24]
Talavera (NBS) [$12]
The Greatest Day (GTS) [$150]
The Kingdom of Heaven [$48]
The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Ed. (SCS) [$34]
Tide At Sunrise [$24]
Tunisia II (OCS) [$36]
Turning the Tide (ASL) [$7]
Warriors of God [$28]
Warriors of Japan [$26]

Newly added games!

 War of the Suns [$120]

Yom Kippur (ziplock) (SCS) [$15]

~ Modoc

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