Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne Adds New Stretch Goals


With 16 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign for Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne, new stretch goals have been announced. The new stretch goals are modest, but would be really cool to see them become reality. The latest info on these is below. Your time is running out to support what is likely to be a top rated RPG in 2018. The project is currently sitting at just over $53K.

The following is from Update #13:

$60,000 – Additional Dice – At $60,000, we’ll be adding new dice as an add-on! We don’t want to spoil the surprise yet, as we’re still waiting on mock-ups, but these will be new add-ons to fill out your collection (and yes, they will make all of you very happy)! Keep in mind they are an add-on, which means they’ll require an additional amount of money, but we’re working to keep it reasonable.

$65,000 – Additional Art – At $65,000 we will be increasing the amount of art in the books dramatically! We will commission new pieces, putting our artist to work illustrating this book with even more beautiful art. This will additionally increase the size of the book, which leads to our next stretch goal…

$70,000 – Splitting The Core book into Two – At $70,000 we will split the massive tome of the core book into two books! We’ll create an index for each book and include references between both books in order to make it easy to use in play. The final split has not been determined yet, but this will have two major effects:

  • One – It will increase the longevity of the binding of both books
  • Two – It will allow newer players to only buy the Player portion of PALADIN, and make the game more accessible!

Now, you’ll be getting both books for your pledge, so you’re still getting the same great value!

~ Modoc

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