Bumps Along the Road – Slowly Getting Back to Normal

Things are slowly getting back to normal at Rolling Boxcars. This summer has been absolutely a mess! We were on a roll reviewing and writing great articles and then work got crazy with the passing of a co-worker. Having pulled double duty for a number of weeks and then along comes hurricane Irma and several work trips.

I am traveling this week for work and I hope to have some time in the evenings to work on getting caught up. We’re still behind and owe you, our readers, a number of articles. In the hopper, we currently have the following for your future consumption.

d10-1 A review of More Aggressive Attitudes (partially written)
d10-2 Thoughts on the Grand Tactical Series, specifically The Devil’s Cauldron
d10-3 A review of For the Motherland, an Operation Whitebox (RPG) supplement
d10-4 A review of Autumn for Barbarossa (SCS game in Special Ops #7)

~ Modoc

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