Strike Them a Blow – MMP Retires Several Game Lines

Today, on Facebook, MMP announced they are ending several product lines and scaling back at least one other in what appears to be an attempt to further focus on what is selling and generating profits. We wish them all the best and continued success with the great game lines that are keeping in their catalog. What follows is taken directly from their Facebook page.


The Gamers Civil War Brigade Series, Regimental Sub Series, and Napoleonic Brigade Series have been retired. Their downloads will remain on the Gamer’s Archive, but the games will not be available for purchase from MMP. At this time we have no intention to reprint these games.

The Tactical Combat Series was about to be retired, but there is enough demand (we believe) to support much smaller print runs of these games, in a ziplock format. We believe the lower price (due to no box) and lighter weight (thus easier to ship outside the US) will help keep that series alive.

We essentially have no stock of them now, they have been removed from the website (we have no intentions of printing old TCS games to put in a ziplock at this time), but Dean/Lee are working on getting the next ready for a “test run” of our beliefs. If the sales of the game don’t warrant continuation, it will be retired as well.

~ Modoc

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