MACE Gaming Convention – Less Than A Week Away!

The MACE gaming convention in Charlotte, NC is this coming weekend and I am super stoked to be returning again this year. It has begun to become one of my annual destinations to play games and meet up with old friends. This year is promising to be better than last year for sure.

If you happen to be attending, please reach out to me on Twitter or G+ (links below) and let’s meet up to chat about games and drink a beer or a beverage of your choice. I should also mention that Rolling Boxcars contributing author, Stephan Pennisi, will also throwing dice at MACE.

My schedule card looks kind of sparse l, but that is by design! Conventions are also a social thing for me and I hope to connect make some new gaming friends like I do each year. I always have time to meet up with old and new friends.

Arquebus (wargame)
Battles with Gringos! (wargame)

AM & early PM wide open for some freestyle gaming!
D&D 5e (RPG)

AM wide open for some freestyle gaming!

~ Modoc

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