Cubicle 7 Launches Call of Cthulhu “Our License is Ending” Sale

As promised, I have some more news about the Cubicle 7 Call of Cthulhu supplement sale. Cubicle 7 announced that the sale is underway and that they’re discounting most of the products that are under the CoC license at 25% off of the physical book/PDF combo. They also stated that come 1 January they will no longer sell the remaining inventory (if there’s anything left). There has been no indication of what they might do with the remaining inventory. Though I suspect they will destroy all that remains.

While there are several items I want, the sale is not overly exciting me and coupled with the shipping from the UK to the US, the final price per item is not really worth it to me. If they discount further, I may pull the trigger and buy some of the books. but in the meantime I will just wait to grab the items that I want in trade or the discount rack in the future. I wonder if I can convince my local store to give me a good discount since they are no longer being published?

Link to Cubicle 7; be sure to click on the product line titles on the left side of the screen to see other sale items.

Will you be taking advantage of this sale? If so, what are you grabbing and why?

~ Modoc

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