Preparing for 2018 and the Road Ahead

Yesterday began my annual end of the year vacation, yeah me! Time to get caught up with all my reading and writing and find the inspiration to keep motivated in 2018. Keeping Rolling Boxcars alive and relevant is a challenge in the ever-changing social media world. I’d like to think that we are doing a good with that, but there are some indicators that we can do a better job. For now, just know we are looking for new ways to make what we do relevant as possible and keep readers coming back on a regular basis.

We do appreciate your feedback and we WANT your input! Please tell us what you like to see from us in 2018. We will take all feedback under advisement and try to incorporate it into our plans for 2018. Here are a few ideas we are toying with for 2018 – Flip-through reviews of new books (this is a thing!), more actual play videos, and creating a rating system for our written reviews.

What’s on the horizon?
 I just received a review copy of Harlem Unbound by Darker Hue Studios and I am super excited to get it to the table and do a deep delve review into this new book and what it brings to the Call of Cthulhu community. I hope my players are ready for a different kind of CoC experience.

 Stephen, our main contributing writer, and I are working on a special interview with an RPG content creator that I am sure will be of interest to many within (and out of) the Call of Cthulhu community. More details later.

 The usual end of year review summaries and look-backs.

~ Modoc

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