DriveThruRPG Launches “Wrap Up Your Campaign” Sale

DriveThruRPG just launched a new sale through the DM’s Guild — “Wrap up your Campaign“. This is a great opportunity for you old school D&D lovers to grab some of the old and new modules, but better yet, the box sets at discounted prices. There’s always room in your virtual gaming stocking! There are over 200 items included in this sale; there is something for everyone when it comes to D&D. Regardless of what edition you play, you can find something to inspire a new campaign for your players.

The box sets listed below have given me hours of fun over the years.
d10-1 Ruins of Undermountain
d10-2 Ruins of Undermoutain II
d10-3 Night Below: An Underdark Campaign
d10-4 The Rod of Seven Parts
d10-5 Return to the Tomb of Horrors

~ Modoc

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