The Miskatonic Repository is Coming

Chaosium is getting closer to launching the Miskatonic Repository. When the Repository launches they will be offering a small selection of what I believe to curated content. Chaosium has announced that the first content released will include six art packs (free) and five scenarios.

My underlying concern is still that the content will not be curated by Chaosium before being made available for public consumption. I posed that very question to the Chaosium and they have confirmed that aside from certain submission guidelines, they will not be curating user submissions. For clarity sake, in my earlier article on the Miskatonic Repository, I discussed my concerns about content bloat and just poor quality content submitted by writers. Let’s face it, everyone thinks they can be a creative writer.  This is the same problem I have with the DM’s Guild that WotC established for the same purpose; to bring custom content to the public.

I remain hopeful that there will only be high quality content submitted, but it’s hard to think that there is any other outcome than what the DM’s Guild has become.

~ Modoc

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