ASL News! AoO, Forgotten War and ASLSK3

ASL players rejoice! If you haven’t seen the latest email from Multiman Publishing, they have some great news. First, ASLSK #3 is once again available. Second, Forgotten War will come off pre-order on 27 Dec. Lastly, and most notably (to me anyway) is that Armies of Oblivion will go on pre-order on 27 Dec! The following is taken directly from that email.


ASL STARTER KIT #3 is Back In Stock!
ASL STARTER KIT #3 is a self-contained ASL module which will give players the opportunity to start playing Advanced Squad Leader almost immediately.  A liberally-illustrated rulebook teaches gamers ASL using a conversational style to teach the concepts of ASL.
ASL Starter Kit #3 [$36]
ARMIES OF OBLIVION will be available to be preordered on December 27, 2017!
After being out of stock, a new printing of ARMIES OF OBLIVION will go on pre-order on December 27, 2017.   ARMIES OF OBLIVION is the module adding the Axis Minors order of battle to the Advanced Squad Leader tactical game system.
Armies of Oblivion will likely Preorder for $111 (Retail will likely be $148)


Yes, this is your final warning.  FORGOTTEN WAR – KOREA will be coming off preorder on December 27, 2017, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  This is your last chance to obtain the game at the preorder price.
It is going to take several weeks to ship all of our FORGOTTEN WARpreorders, and we will certainly not be done shipping by Winter Offensive (January 11, 2018). FORGOTTEN WAR will be available for sale at Winter Offensive at its pre-order price (plus tax, minus shipping), so if you are certain you are going to attend Winter Offensive, you may want to cancel your preorder and just buy FORGOTTEN WAR at Winter Offensive.
For the first time, an Advanced Squad Leader module steps outside of the traditional World War II era to bring you FORGOTTEN WAR, covering the Korean War of 1950-1953.
New rules in FORGOTTEN WAR cover Steep Hills (reflecting the difficulties of movement and combat in the rugged Korean terrain); Bayonet Charges; Proximity Fuses; and enhanced Air Support featuring Tactical Air Control Parties, airborne Forward Air Controllers, and the jet-propelled aircraft of the era such as the F-80C Shooting Star and the F9F-2 Panther.

Forgotten War – Korea [Preorder for $96]

~ Modoc

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